Tips For Making Organic Food Affordable


I think we all find the idea of purchasing chemical-free food for our family appealing. I’ve never walked into the produce aisle, picked up an organic apple, looked at it, and said “it just doesn’t have enough pesticides for me”. However, I have looked at the $2.00 price tag and walked away. On Saturday I bought 2 organic apples and 2 organic oranges for $8.00. It made me a little sick.

A few years ago, organic food buying was restricted to mostly hippies and Californian health nuts. It’s now becoming mainstream. People are moving away from processed foods and becoming more interested in clean eating. I see my friends changing the way they cook. The recipes we exchange are more pure and loaded with vegetables and herbs. We discuss school lunches and the lack of healthy choices.  I wrote about childhood obesity on my other site, because it’s the end result of our onetime obsession with convenience foods. I’m glad my kids have never met Ronald McDonald, but the alternative can be hard on the pocketbook.

I’ve picked up some tips and tricks for organic shopping, and have actually seen my grocery bill go down. It takes a little work, but it’s worth it.

  • Many grocery stores are offering Buy 1/Get 1 Free deals every week. You can use 2 coupons and often get the item for pennies. For example, Publix has Newmant’s Own Pasta Sauce as a B1/G1 this week, along with Mueller’s Pasta. The pasta sauce is $2.69 and the pasta is $1.17. I have a $1.00 off coupon for the sauce, and (2) $.50 coupons for the pasta. For $1.86 I get (2) jars of pasta sauce, and (2) boxes of pasta.
  • I clip every coupon I can find for organic food. The best coupons can be found on the manufacturers website. I’ve compiled a pretty comprehensive list here. I’ve signed up for their newsletters, and have received free cookbooks, samples, and substantial savings coupons.
  • Plan your menus around the weekly specials at your grocery store.
  • Sign up for a CVS ExtraCare Rewards Card, and go to the Money Saving Mom website or a similar savings site for the deals of the week. By saving money on your drugstore and cleaning items you free up money to spend on organic produce.