10 Day Vegetarian Challenge – Day 8


I wanted to share something with you I’ve learned in the last 8 days…..the vegetarian community is a very tight knit group and they’re extremely generous. Almost every site I’ve visited in the last week offers free cookbooks, information packs, and resources for anyone interested in learning more about becoming a vegetarian. The list I’ve compiled only scratches the surface, and I plan to create a page on my site specifically dedicated to this information in the near future. Please let me know of any additional resources you find and I will include them. Enjoy!

  • MorningStar Farms: Free downloadable recipe book.
  • GoVeg: Order a free Vegetarian Starter Kit.
  • Vitalita: Two free downloadable cookbooks. One is for desserts.
  • Savvy Vegetarian: Free downloadable reports: 10 tips for beginning vegetarians, bean report, vegetarian nutrition report, and many others.
  • Vegetarian Society: Too many free downloads to list, but they did have one geared towards pregnate vegetarians that looked interesting.
  • Chinese Vegetarian Cooking: Free downloadable cookbook of Chinese recipes.
  • Humane Society: Guide to vegetarian eating.
  • My Savings: Free Jackie O downloadable cookbook.
  • The Allinson Vegetarian Cookbook: Free download.
  • Free Book Spot: Veggie Works Vegan cookbook.
  • Hum Surfer: Free vegetarian Indian food cookbook.