Guest Post: Greener Than You Think


Being green isn’t something that I just all-of-a-sudden started doing. (That would be like going cold turkey off chocolate. Not possible.) So we started small at our house, and now we even rinse out gooey jars and cans and add them to our blue recycling bin. Same goes for eating organic food. Being green when it comes to food seemed like an impossibility, especially as a coupon mommy. Yes, I know it’s better for me. Yes, I know supporting local farmers is crucial. But I am first and foremost The Coupon Mommy. I’d be dethroned if I started paying full price for anything. My thought process? You’ve got to be kidding if you think I’d actually pay more for organics.

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Tips For Making Organic Food Affordable


I think we all find the idea of purchasing chemical-free food for our family appealing. I’ve never walked into the produce aisle, picked up an organic apple, looked at it, and said “it just doesn’t have enough pesticides for me”. However, I have looked at the $2.00 price tag and walked away. On Saturday I bought 2 organic apples and 2 organic oranges for $8.00. It made me a little sick.

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10 Day Vegetarian Challenge – Day 8


I wanted to share something with you I’ve learned in the last 8 days…..the vegetarian community is a very tight knit group and they’re extremely generous. Almost every site I’ve visited in the last week offers free cookbooks, information packs, and resources for anyone interested in learning more about becoming a vegetarian. The list I’ve compiled only scratches the surface, and I plan to create a page on my site specifically dedicated to this information in the near future. Please let me know of any additional resources you find and I will include them. Enjoy!

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